Friday, April 10, 2015

I Love a Man in Uniform

There’s something very iconic about the RCMP uniform. The bright red surge and unique flat brimmed beige hat, they are about as Canadian as you can get.  In their everyday “blues” they look like most police officers, but it’s their formal uniforms that are the most recognizable.
I’ve always blamed my family for my obsession with uniforms, especially those of the “Mounties”.
   I was about eight when my uncle joined the Force. At 6’4” he towered over me in that bright red uniform and I knew he could protect me from anything. Superheros had nothing over the monster crushing strength of my Uncle Steve. J 
   (My cousin was a Mountie and my other two Uncles were Navy and I have a soft spot for them too, but that’s a story for another post.)
   When I heard of the special 1NS call for books set at the Romancing the Capital convention in Ottawa my first thought was of these brave officers who protect our country. It wasn’t a far stretch from there to creating a special RCMP taskforce empowered with keeping the peace within a paranormal community. Paranormal/Research/Intelligence/Discipline and Education or PRIDE for short.  (Really nothing is a far stretch from the paranormal side of my brain. I see magic everywhere. lol)
   Claiming His Cub is my first full M/M story, and won’t be my last. (lol) I love the way Dary and Rhoo naturally started flirting in my head. It’s not often that characters walk into my thoughts fully formed and flirty. Usually I have to entice them with chocolate and wine, but these two were steaming up my gray matter the moment I decided to write their story.
I’m looking forward to exploring the PRIDE detachment and introducing you to some of Dary’s co-workers.


Dary, an officer with the Paranormal/Research/Intelligence/Discipline and Education department (PRIDE) of the RCMP, has little time to pursue his personal interests outside of his job. As a dominant bear shapeshifter in his prime, and a taste for slim, trim boy-toys, his preference has brought him to a crossroad—his desire to find a partner to share his life with is overcast by immature males who don’t share his interests When he learns about the 1Night Stand service and Madame Eve’s incredible track record for successful matches, he utilizes a rare weekend away from his job to indulge in some much-needed fantasy. 

Rhudaii is a unique man in every imaginable way. With an unusually youthful appearance and a little-known inherent bombshell of his own, he longs for a deeper connection with a man than just instant gratification. Being an avid romance junkie, Rhoo plans a getaway to a book convention in Ottawa, except surrounded by hundreds of women isn’t what he’s looking for. Instead, he arranges a date through the 1Night Stand service. 

When the men meet sparks fly and the sexual tension soars. Each of them has a secret that could make or break any potential long-term relationship. But, what if they have more in common than they thought? 

   "Do you have your ID with you?” the bartender asked.
   Dary smirked when Rhoo sighed dramatically while passing over his driver’s license. “I think I’m going to have to carry my ID until I’m fifty.”
   The man behind the bar winked at him when he returned the card. “You’ll be the envy of everyone you know with a baby face like yours.”
   The hair on Dary’s nape bristled, and he fought the urge to growl at the man when he went to get their beers. It might be some harmless flirting, but he didn’t need another man cutting in on his date. His bear rubbed aggressively against his consciousness, wanting to swipe his claws at what he viewed as a poacher.
   “Are you hungry?” Dary asked. “We can get a table or eat here at the bar.” Sitting at a table would get them away from their overly flirtatious bartender.
   “I’m good either way, but this is nice sitting here with you. It’s a bit more casual than if we were at a table.”
   Rhoo’s hands moved as he spoke, drawing Dary’s attention to his long, delicate fingers. Driven by a need he didn’t want to contemplate, he caught one and turned it over, stroking his thumb along the edge of his palm, feeling the thickened skin on the side. “For a man who says he sits around in his job, you have the calluses of a warrior.”
   Color raced from Rhoo’s neck to his cheeks. “I said I have a lot of downtime in my job, not that I sit on my ass.” In a smooth, quickly executed move that spoke of hours of practice, Rhoo slid his hand from Dary’s grasp to clasp his wrist. He angled Dary’s hand so it was palm up. “You’re one to talk.” Rhoo rubbed his thumb over the thick ridge on his trigger finger. “You work with firearms.” His caressed the sensitive skin of Dary’s palm to his inner wrist, brushing the pulse point with his thumb. “Are you made of thick muscle everywhere?”

The RTC convention might be sold out but the book signing is open and free to the public. Be sure to pop in an say Hi! There will be lots of giveaways and prizes to be won!
April 18th, 2015
Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa/Kanata
101 Kanata Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K2T 1E6

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