Friday, January 4, 2013

Endless Affair

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By Angelita Gill
Life is a series of choices. I know, at some point, everyone has wondered what their lives would be like if they’d chosen a different path. If you’d picked a different lifestyle, a different city, a different career, your life would be…well, different. But then again, maybe not, maybe no matter what you did, you’d still be right where you are now.
I was inspired for my third 1Night Stand by several sci-fi movies that made me wonder, is there another me in another time and place that made other life choices?
In Endless Affair, my hero Tanith had fallen deeply in love with a woman named Moira. But he got sucked into a portal, and was forced to leap to a parallel dimension, leaving the world he knew and the woman he loved. He jumps from one dimension to another searching for Moira and as fate would have it, he always finds her. Even though he knows he’ll be torn from her within hours of their reunion, he’ll never stop trying to be with her. Only the power of true love and help from Madame Eve do these two stand a chance to be together for more than one night.

So I ask you dear 1NS readers, what is one choice you made—big or small—that changed your life? I’ll tell you one of mine. If I hadn’t joined a particular author’s online fan club, I would’ve never made a series of decisions that led me to move from Minnesota to Las Vegas on a whim. My life would be so very different!
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  1. My one choice I made was to marry my husband. We have developed a wonderful family and can't wait for our retirement.
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  2. Mine was writing to tell a guy how much I'd enjoyed seeing him. That guy is now my husband. Fact that he wrote back and got my name ENTIRELY wrong almost finished it before it had begun. My maiden name was Kirk - and he called me Laura Newton. I don't know where he got the Laura from but the Newton - he said he knew it was something to do with science. He was thinking Captain Kirk - Star trek but didn't quite get there!

  3. After falling in love with some online stories, I took the plunge and gave it a try myself! I never knew I could fall in love with a hobby the way I have writing, and I never would have known it if I hadn't given it a try!

    m ramsey at wi dot rr dot com