Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where’s the Mystery?

By Angelita Gill
When it comes to dating these days, especially for teenagers, mystery is rare. Technology has destroyed it. Remember when the phone rang and your mother walked in your room with the cordless, and said, “There’s a guy on the phone.” Heart stops. You spring up. “Who?!” Omigod. It’s your crush. Or some guy you didn’t even know liked you. Or your new cute-as-a-button boyfriend you would talk to for hours until your mom picked up on the other line, and said, “It’s time to hang up.”  At least, that’s the way it was for me.

Nowadays, it seems teens don’t have that kind of excitement to look forward to. Kids as young as third grade have a cell phone. And they’re constantly on it. Texting, texting, texting. Not even using it to make a call. And with Facebook and Twitter and whatever, your business is everyone else’s. Girls know where guys go, who they’re with, what they’re doing. And vice versa. True, it’s all by choice, but I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a cell phone and/or facebook account. I know there are a few of you purists out there, but it’s also rare. J Where’s the excitement of the unknown? Instead of waiting by the cordless for HIM to call, you’re watching the cell for his lazy text message. Everyone is judged by their status and who they check in with. Nothing is a secret.

I have a friend who just started dating a very cool, nice guy. If she sends him a text message, and he doesn’t answer within a certain amount of time, panic ensues. Then anger, then confusion. Then insecurity. Then crazy questions as to why he didn’t answer…well, because he was on a boat and didn’t bring his phone. Oh. Now she’s embarrassed. Technology has raised our expectations wildly.

Just with Google, someone could know where you work, who you know, what you like, when you do it, and how. Someone tagged you. You made a comment on a TV show forum. You’re a fan of something and “liked” it. Etcetera, etcetera. Where’s the value of getting to know someone the hard way?

I’ll step off my box. All I’m saying is, mystery is good, it’s what keeps life from being terribly boring. For you single gals that don’t have a home phone, I dare you to get one, and reserve your cell number for someone special. Give the guy your home phone number, go out and party with your girlfriends, and wonder all night if he’s called. Scurry home and check your answering machine…okay, your voicemail. No need to go that far back in time. Because when he does call, when you unexpectedly hear his sexy voice message, it’ll be all the sweeter.

One good thing about love, you will never solve that mystery. It’ll never be predictable. It definitely won’t be for any of my characters. *wink*

Author Bio: Angelita writes erotic paranormal and contemporary romance, but reads historical. If she could travel back in time, she'd be attending a ball in Regency England in a fabulously wicked gown, dancing with the most handsome rogue in the room. This shameless romantic loves chocolate martinis, Pin Up Couture, and ballet. She lives with her very own Alpha male in Las Vegas, aka Sin City, where she is a very happy local.


  1. A thoughtful well-written post that I wholeheartedly agree with! Course, I can't manage to work my mobile phone in anycase but.....

  2. I get so mad when people call and don't simply text me LOL Or worse leave me voicemail! ARGH. Yeah I'm a slave to the 21st century and I see where you're coming from. Everyone knows everyone's business and then some.

  3. Don't get me wrong, life would be bleak without my cell phone but I do miss ye old days once in a while, just cause I'm nostalgic. :) I do hate it when people send extremely long texts over several hours when a phone call would've sufficed in 30 seconds! Lol

  4. i know just what you mean. the other night my niece had a date coming to get her for the 1st time and when he came to the house, instead of coming in to meet her mother he texted her and said to say hi.

    i told my sister i would have texted him right back,"you can either come in and meet her family like a civilized human being or you can go the hell home!". needless to say my opinion was not appreciated. apparently this is somewhat normal behavior for teens nowdays. to bad because they are really missing out on alot and so are the parents. sorry for the ranting.

    tammy ramey