Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fairy Tale

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By Denise McCray
Today, one of my sorority sisters posted on Facebook that although she may appear self-sufficient, she still wanted that fairy tale ending, you know, the man who’d sweep her off her feet and her happily ever after. I responded by telling her he was out there looking for her and she agreed, but wished he would speed it up!
As a middle-aged female, I’ve had the opportunity to experience first- hand the up/downs, happiness/sadness, and just boring parts of love and marriage. My husband and I have known each other for thirty-three years and married for a little over thirty. Would I change anything about our life together? Sure, plenty! But would I choose another mate? No. He’s my soulmate, the man God/The Creator/The Universe chose for me.
I met him on the campus of Howard University, our alma mater. Let me correct that. I first noticed him in the grocery store near the dormitory we lived in. He’d seen me around, but never approached me before then. Well, one thing led to another and we fell in love. When we graduated, he went home and so did I. Within a few months, he found a job in the same area I was attending law school, and we married soon thereafter.
Love has this funny way of making things work out, despite the obstacles in your way. Here’s an excerpt from my 1NS novella, Wishing for Love. Check out the whole story and see how Luvenia and Marcus find their happily ever after.


“Ms. Spells?”
Veni quickly opened her eyes and tried to look wide-awake. A bellman stood before her with a bemused look on his face.
Awkwardly righting herself in the chair, Veni responded with a noise somewhere between a grunt and a snort. Real classy, Veni. The poor man struggled to maintain a professional expression, but could not hold it together and allowed a wide grin to split his face. “Your room is now ready,” he said holding out her key cards.
All but snatching them from his grasp, Veni dug into her bag for a few dollar bills and shoved them into his direction, making sure to avoid eye contact with him. Only after he pivoted on his heels and strode away did she dare to look up from the floor. When she did, her gaze settled on what had to be the most gorgeous man on earth and the star of her erotic dream!
He stood in line at the registration desk with an I-am-the-man air about him. At a minimum, he was at least six-four tall and had a runner’s body with a cute little behind obviously created for a woman to touch. That’s how she liked her men, long and lean, and mama surely liked what she saw. Suddenly his head turned in her direction and a smile, which she could only describe as predatory, appeared on his face. Busted!


  1. I definitely want to read your love story.

  2. been busted so many times I lost track myself, gotta like a wrangler butt. LOL! the book cover is gorgeous and the excerpt was great. can't wait to read the rest of it and see what happens next.

    tammy ramey

  3. Ahhh, a real love story!!! Congrats on the release.